Baroque period

The era of Baroque music (1600-1750) began when the first operas were written and contrapuntal music became prevalent. Composers from the Baroque era include Bach, Telemann and Händel. Among these, Bach stands first.

Classical period

The death of Bach signifies the end of the Baroque, and the start of the Classical period. The music of the Classical period (1750-1800) is characterized by homophonic texture, often featuring a prominent melody with accompaniment. Haydn and Mozart are among the central figures of the Classical period.

Romantic period

In 1800, the Romantic era (1800-1890s) in music developed, with Beethoven and Schubert as transitional composers who introduced a more dramatic, expressive style. Bach, Händel, and Mozart were not part of this period, and they are mentioned only so that they appear in the index.